saajan studio 16 Jan 2021
wonderfull software
manju sharma 28 Nov 2020
its very usefull
Renu sehgal 14 May 2020
when we write in english and press space bar, it converts into some other language instead of punjabi.
jodh singh 14 May 2020
pls convert enlish to punjabi as some other language coming when pressing space.
hardev 14 May 2020
sir insted of punjaabi some other language coming up .... please help ... regards
inerji singh 14 May 2020
some other langauage comimg up when press space
vk 14 May 2020
not working
Samanpreet 14 May 2020
It’s not working nowadays.
shamsher singh 14 May 2020
site not working give solution
JASBIR 14 May 2020
Not working , please give solution
Not Working
jodh singh 13 May 2020
patarkar manch 13 May 2020
not working
varinder pandit 13 May 2020
not working ji
Narinder Singh 13 May 2020
Not working,cookies
rohit kumar 10 May 2020
Not working g
varinder pandit 05 May 2020
not working ji
jodh singh 05 May 2020
please solve Online Punjabi Converter is not working .
Narinders Singh 05 May 2020
Please Solve Online Punjabi Converter not in working
kulwant singh 05 May 2020
no wrok english to punjabi translate
satvinder kaur 05 May 2020
sometimes its not work, otherwise its great
Narinder Singh 04 May 2020
Some times it stops
amandeepdutta 23 Apr 2020
Some times it stops
raj kumar 11 Apr 2020
please translate english to punjabi
prince 25 Mar 2020
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