Janie 27 Mar 2023
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jyoti 02 Feb 2023
how t put dandi
Raj Kumar 21 Aug 2022
your converter is not working today
hardev chauhan 11 Aug 2022
my composed old files are invisible ...please show those files oscreeen pl.. regardsn my system's
ClezeripLover 29 Jul 2022
hardev chauhan 20 Jul 2022
my previous composed matter is invisible ji . please show the same on my screen ..regards
hardev chauhan 27 Jun 2022
sir my previous daattaa is disappeared ji ....pl.make it visible on my screen ji ... regards
chauhan hardev 17 Jun 2022
plese show my previos saved work as its very needfull to me sir... REGARDS
Balvinder 25 Jan 2022
IS there a way to convert punjabi image to text ( in particular a book punj shabdi asa di waar )
Rajbir Gill 04 Aug 2021
you converter is not working today
MM 03 Aug 2021
you converter is not working today
H 01 Aug 2021
I can’t read Punjabi letters so it would be better if it was in English letters but with the Punjabi prononciation
narain dutt 10 Jul 2021
how can i convert english matter to punjabi
Harmanpreet singh 30 Apr 2021
Harmam Dhaliwal
sukhwinder 20 Apr 2021
i typed some pages yesterday . i m not searching to them
RAMAN 09 Apr 2021
ishan 14 Mar 2021
thanks..its very useful convertor.. how i can add fullstop (kanna)???
saajan studio 16 Jan 2021
wonderfull software
manju sharma 28 Nov 2020
its very usefull
Renu sehgal 14 May 2020
when we write in english and press space bar, it converts into some other language instead of punjabi.
jodh singh 14 May 2020
pls convert enlish to punjabi as some other language coming when pressing space.
hardev 14 May 2020
sir insted of punjaabi some other language coming up .... please help ... regards